There is also github


Vizualisation (Networks, System)

  • glouglou - A high performance network visualization framework (in progress...)


  • daphnis - Ancient Greek morphological (word formation) dictionnary / texts searches
  • greek_transliterate - Ancient greek character transliteration tools


  • octopshh - SSH Bouncing helper
  • jsaccess - private web file sharing using web browser crypto
  • autoscan - automatic fingerprint of visited networks
  • whorange - Discover network IP range by sending ARP whohas to various subnets/ips
  • dakar - Wifi video live streaming using Ricore antennas / OpenBSD in Dakar
  • siplence - Talk with your friends without making any sound
  • octopuffy - Wifi aggregator to use open waves at best
  • wnet - Script for easy secure internet connection on wireless networks for OpenBSD
  • softmodem - A software modem to be your own internet provider for free
  • callbox - Call from everywhere as if you where at home

Graphical stuff

  • egraph - Library for rendering dynamic graphs in evas
  • elife - Game of life as e17 background
  • alarm - Enlightenment module to setup alarms
  • news - Enlightenment module to display rss feeds on the desktop
  • photo - Enlightenment module to display photos on the desktop
  • devian - Enlightenment module to display photos, rss feeds and tail logs on the desktop


  • watchme - Displays system logs on screen using OSD
  • ctmg - Encrypted container manager, wrapper around cryptsetup on loopback files
  • iptx - Iptables helper for your laptop
  • wifcap - Wifi capture helper
  • skylog - log skype status changes of your contacts


  • shot - screenshot / video capture tool based on scrot and recordmydesktop
  • laurent-tools - Git repo for various tools
  • laurent-tools-jason - Git repo for various tools, on jason's git
  • laurent-conf - my configuration files
  • homesound - Centralised sound at home with phone commands

Old - HP49 stuff

  • cs2d - Counter Strike 2d game on hp49 in Saturn assembly
  • hp49 - Various hp49 programs